Cryotop® US

Cryotop® US is a vitrification device exclusive for the U.S. market. Its design incorporates all of the benefits of the original Cryotop® with some additional features.

Main Features:

- Thin transparent strip for loading specimens; allows up to 4 specimens to be loaded per device
- Transparent strip and the minimal volume of the vitrification media leads to the high cooling rate
- Orientation marking ensures correct orientation for specimen loading
- Flat sheet is more like the original Cryotop®, with a triangular cut at the end for easy insertion
- External cover hermetically seals the Cryotop® US tip with weight, to prevent floating in liquid nitrogen

81181 Cryotop®US(G), Flat Sheet Green 10/pack
81182 Cryotop®US(R), Flat Sheet Red 10/pack
81183 Cryotop®US(W), Flat Sheet White 10/pack
81184 Cryotop®US(B), Flat Sheet Blue 10/pack
81185 Cryotop®US(Y), Flat Sheet Yellow 10/pack