Intrauterine Insemination Catheters (IUI)

Improve your success rates in Artificial Insemination with the full range of IUI catheters from Kitazato USA. To adapt to your preferences and cover your needs, Kitazato USA offers 4 levels of rigidity and two different lengths in its IUI catheters. Soft and Intermediate types are for gentle insertion, but it is also available with a stylet cannula for difficult cases.

Main features of our IUI Catheters:

- Four types of rigidity - hard, ultimate, intermediate, and soft
- Tip with double lateral opening for better sperm dispersion
- Smooth and rounded tip for easy insertion
- Model with integrated stylet available

131181 Type5-v1 0.03ml 18cm Hard
131186 Type5-v2 0.03ml 18cm Ultimate
131182 Type4-v2 0.01ml 18cm Intermediate
131184 Type4-v1 0.01ml 18cm Soft
131101 Type5-v3 0.01ml 10cm Hard
131106 Type5-v4 0.04ml 10cm Ultimate
131102 Type4-v4 0.04ml 10cm Intermediate
131104 Type4-v3 0.04ml 10cm Soft
- Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA): One cell assay ≥80% after 96 hours
- Endotoxin: <20 EU/device
- SAL 10-6
- Sterility Test (Bacteria, Fungi)
- Cytotoxicity Test
- Intracutaneous Reactivity Test
- Sensitization Test

- Polyvinylchloride (DEHP free)
- Stainless Steel SUS304