Pump Aspiration Single Lumen

We use the highest quality steel with superior rigidity, which enables Kitazato USA to offer the “Thin Wall” and triple bevel blade design. This design creates superior sharpness, allowing for quick, smooth follicle penetration and egg retrieval while minimizing damage to the ovarian tissue and reducing retrieval time.

The needle provides a larger internal diameter for aspiration compared to other needles of the same gauge and reduces the risk of bleeding to help improve recovery time. Our range of diameters, from 16G to 22G, is the largest on the market. They are ideal options for working with patients with low response in natural cycles, allowing the follicular aspiration to be carried out without anesthetic with the smallest diameters.

This oocyte retrieval needle is designed and manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards:

- Tip with echogenic marking guarantees high visibility for the correct approach during follicle penetration and retrieval

- Provides greater internal diameter, reduces stress to oocyte during aspiration, and allows work with needles with smaller external diameters, reducing patient trauma

- Triple cut blade provides positioning control throughout the retrieval process and helps define the needle tip's position

- Silicon bung with syringe connection allows for ease of flushing, and most importantly, is latex free

- From 16G to 22G, a variety of aspiration line lengths are available

326000 10/box 16 35 80
327000 10/box 17 35 80
328000 10/box 18 35 80
329000 10/box 19 35 80
320041 10/box 20 35 80
320042 10/box 20 30 80
321000 10/box 21 30 80
322002 Type2-v17 10 22 30 80